Our Vision

Our Vision

It began on a balmy Wednesday afternoon in the gardens of the Anglican church in Banket.  It was our usual monthly gathering of the Church Woman’s Association.  Today we had a speaker from the UK and her topic was on a vision God had given her from the Nehemiah:  “Rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem!”  She explained that God had shown her how this could work in Zimbabwe to cope with it’s growing population of orphans from the AIDS pandemic.  God wanted us to begin restoration in the lives of the orphan child and the family and the ravaged community, home by home; family by family and community by community.

OUR VISION – Currently

The Mumvuri Project has become a Community Centre.  Our location is perfect and the setting is peaceful.  Our garden is full of trees, fruit trees, Msasa trees, and there are plenty of flowers to bring colour.  Every Sunday a church meeting is held on our premises.  We offer facilities for Women’s church group meetings and functions such as weddings can be held on our premises.


A Place where :

  • Young people fellowship on a weekly basis.
  • Adult education happens.
  • Bible Study groups meet.
  • Community meetings are held and plans are put into action for
  • Community Sports
  • Community Clean ups
  • Community Care

The opportunities to work toward foundational change in the lives of the people in the community are numerous.  Our foundation is in Christ and with the vision of Nehemiah rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem in mind, we hope that we have laid the ground work for this project to be carried out in other communities within the country. 

We cannot be perfect but we can persist in seeking right, seeking truth, searching for good and showing kindness and mercy by His Grace.
“And His grace and love like mighty rivers flow incessant from above and heaven’s peace and perfect justice kissed a guilty world in love.”