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H E N R Y   O L O N G A

HenryHenry has been our patron since 2000 and through the years since then, he has supported us through his talent for singing.  Yes, Henry is famous for his talent as a cricketer but he is a man of many talents! 

In 2001 the supporters of the Mumvuri Project organized a fund raising dinner with tickets being sold for approximately $15 per head.  The main attraction was Henry!  We had 150 seats to sell and we sold every single ticket.  The evening was a huge success, the food was sumptuous and was only topped by Henry who performed for 45 minutes with singing and stories from his past that had all the diners enthralled.  The evening is a memory etched in the minds of all who were present. 

Henry praying with one of our orphansAlthough he has not been a resident in Zimbabwe for many years he has never forgotten us.  Whilst living in the UK, Henry became a popular performer and was invited on many occasions to sing at private functions.  The patrons at these functions would often ask Henry which charities he supported so that they could show their appreciation for him by supporting his favourite charities.  We are so grateful that our Project has always been at the top of Henry’s list.

So we give thanks to Henry for the numerous donations we have received from the UK because of and through him.  And, of course, we are very grateful for those churches and other organisations which have been faithful over the years by sending donations to us in order that we may continue our work with the orphans in our community. 

The photographs attached show a special occasion when Henry drove the 92 kms from Harare to Banket to visit the Project and to meet the orphans. Henry took time to pray with them and to encourage them.  All present were extremely blessed through the experience.

We wish Henry and his family all the best in his new home in Australia.  Good on ya Henry.


Generating sufficient funds to operate and manage the orphan needs has become increasingly difficult over the years along with the decline in the Zimbabwe economy.

The Mumvuri Project has been fortunate to have a core of faithful supporters which has enabled the Project to continue to pay school fees for our orphans and ensure they each have at least one uniform.

For the past 20 years the Mumvuri Project has faithfully paid for the school fees of between 60 and 70 orphans.

Testimony on how Mumvuri Project assisted me achieve my goals.

My name is Mbewe Beston and I live in Zimbabwe in a small town called Banket.  My parents passed away when I was a child. There was no one to take care of me and my sisters. Today I am very grateful to Mumvuri Project orphanage centre in Banket.  I want to thank God and the following members of the project Felicity Ferriman, Alie Moll and Sarudzai Kachidza. 

Mumvuri project assisted me by providing me with food, clothing and paying my school fees from primary level up to high school. I remember each year we used to go to Mazvikadei a resort centre nearby Banket for a Christmas party. 

Felicity and Sarudzai used to visit me at our home in Banket and brought me some presents.

Today I am a holder of a degree in Retail Business Management from Chinhoyi University. I pray that God continue to bless the members of the Mumvuri Project so that they will be able to continue with the good work and assist other orphans and those in need.  If God blesses me with a good job I personally want to give back to the project by assisting the orphans and I wish the project does not shut down. 

May God bless you

Thank you


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