Vocational Training – College – University

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Vocational Training – College – University

Few of our orphans attain the qualifications necessary for university but for those few, being able to continue their education is important. Unfortunately we are not able to support these children through university, however, through our Newsletter we highlight children with the ability to continue into higher education and in these circumstances, you as a supporter may consider taking on this responsibility. Should this be the case you may contact us.

Many of our orphans finish school with sufficient knowledge to go into a trade of some type and / or into secretarial / technical / computer skill training, but these are expensive. If you are interested in supporting this goal please contact us so that we can provide you with further information and expected costs.

Sadly in Zimbabwe today there are very few job opportunities and many youngsters, as well as adults are without work. The youth languish at home or in the streets, losing hope, and the adults languish in bars, losing hope.

Our vision is concerned with this situation and we seek to provide ways for the youth in the community to work towards a better future through seeking the good of others, sports and volunteer work in the community until such time as circumstances change and they can be gainfully employed.

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