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The Project identifies orphans and vulnerable children in the community, establishes their need and assists wherever possible. Usually this entails our Project taking on the school fees for the children. The assistance we supply lightens the burden placed on the shoulders of the caregiver and his/her family. Two of our Board Members are motivated to work with the children under our care, visiting them in their homes, praying with them and encouraging them. We also follow their school performances, checking on their reports and on those who are not attending school. We are careful not to cause jealousy or conflict in families through lack of consideration for the circumstances that many families find themselves; jobs are scarce and abundance is the privilege of a very few.


    There are many ways in which a volunteer can help at the Mumvuri Project. Your involvement and work undertaken will depend upon the length of time which you will be volunteering with the Project.

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    If you are interested in sponsoring a child, their school fees, uniforms and equipment please contact us, they would greatly appreciate anything you can give them.

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    We need your help to care for the Mumvuri children and we hope that our work and commitment is a cause worthwhile for you to support.

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Background of the Mumvuri Project

The Mumvuri Project was formed in 1995 in Banket, Zimbabwe by a group of local Christians who were concerned by the growing number of orphans in the community due to the AIDS pandemic. The orphans though housed by their extended families were not going to school and their caregivers were struggling to provide their basic needs. The Mumvuri Project attempts to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the children without taking them away from their family unit.

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The Mumvuri Project is not an orphanage. Our Project takes care of orphans who live with their extended family. The orphaned or vulnerable child/children may be living with their grandparents or grandmother, an older sibling, or an uncle and/or aunt.
The Mumvuri Project aims at providing physical, social, emotional and financial support to the care and education of orphaned children living with their extended families in Banket. As a Non-Profit charity, Mumvuri Project raises funds which are spent on school fees, food parcels, uniforms and medical expenses in order to lessen the financial burden of the caregivers who are mainly old uncles, aunts or grannies.
The Mumvuri Project is founded upon Christian values and principles of spreading and sharing the love of Christ through loving, sharing, caring, raising and sacrificing time and resources to support orphans and care-givers in our community. Being founded by Christians, Christ is the foundation and pillar upon which the Mumvuri Project stands.

Our Video

Interview with Fadzi one of our teachers

Fadzai Kachidza - Mumvuri Teacher

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